Insurance Services

Insurance is must in order to manage the contingencies. To make up losses during transition Aditya Packers and Movers cover your goods under comprehensive insurance. We also help you in all the paper work related to insurance. Any type of accident or natural mishap can be harmful for goods during relocation. This is one of the main reasons why everyone wants insurance. We have tie ups with several Insurance Companies to provide best value for money incase of any mishappening. Moreover, assistance is also offered to the clients in the valuation of their goods. With the help of our insurance options, we shield and secure goods and other items for a single item damage or loss. Once there is insurance service in place, our clients feel comfort and confidence after knowing that their goods are safe, secure and insured for packing and moving in India. Our insurance service covers everything while your relocation in India and starts right from your doorsteps and concludes only after landing safely in heir homes.
Security of merchandise is critical as we comprehend your sentiments and connection with your possessions. We shield your products from any sort of physical, social, money related, political, word related harm.
We help in safe guarding your merchandise in light of the fact that it will coveryour products up to its end .We offer protection administration including both travel protection and far reaching protection to avoid misfortunes to our customer's if there should be an occurrence of unforseen component like mischance, flame, sabtoge, riots and so forth that can bring about harm of the products.
In the event of any regular cataclysm or grievous incident,customer needs to face harms of products. In the event that any harm happens we offer protection administration to compensate for misfortunes.

Transit Insurance

Insurance against accidents causing death or crippling on shipments of livestock while in transit by rail, truck, or other similar means of transportation.

Comprehensive Insurance

Additional coverage in automobile insurance providing protection in the event of theft of the insured car (or physical damages as the result of something other than an automobile accident).

Primary Coverage

Primary coverage covers all commodities, for any amount and is in excess to the liability of the carrier. By using this don't leave it up to the carrier to decide your coverage if you want full protection of your shipment with primary cargo insurance.
We are the Aditya packers and movers companies in Delhi offers goods insurance in two main forms: In-Transit Insurance & Comprehensive Insurance.
The comprehensive insurance is used while the complete insurance coverage is required, i.e. from packing of goods to final unpacking of the goods to the destination place. Such kind of insurance is always good while you wish to move to any very far destination & you are transporting/ moving/ relocating the complete household or office goods.

Our Features

Guaranteed Safe Delivery

We provide 100% assurance while packing and moving with intensive care on your goods. Until now we have achieved a level of safety measures through best practices.

Providing Customer Satisfaction

We have introduced 24*7 customer care support to make sure that our customers stay updated with the status of delivery of their goods from time to time.

Easy Accessibility

We provide a complete information in our website and you call, mail us we will send you the complete quotation for you.

Our Mission

Aditya Packers and Movers - Delhi offers rapid, persistent and capable packers and movers services in India and make sure that all the goods are completely packed so that they don't stand any chances of damage during transportation.
Aditya Packers and Movers strives to be the leading Moving Company in India, specializing in all your moving needs. Our Movers services include: Residential Relocation, Office Relocation, Commercial Relocation, IT Infrastructure Relocation, Storage & Disposal. We provides no-obligation mover quotes. Contact our Movers specialists now.